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STEPS is a place where you get to discover your true passions. We provide you the steps to convert those passions into the best possible education opportunities.



We provide the most comprehensive and customised applications guidance in India. Finding one’s true interests is a lifelong challenge and asking for what one wants to do right after high school is a cruel yet very real decision. STEPS was founded for the sole purpose of making this decision easier.



Once you decide to study abroad, the challenge only becomes tougher to shortlist the right course and university which can take you to your best-fit career path. The entire guidance process at STEPS simplifies this challenge and keeps you and your parents in the communication process at all times.



Building on the experiences and trust of PRATHAM, STEPS uses unique and unconventional ways to get you to the right course. We are the only program which has an in-house clinical psychologist to help applicants. We have research based application processes for most of the English speaking world and many European nations.



Some Success Stories from Students and their Parents!


Parent's Testimonials

Thank you for your mail and offer to support Yash's application to some of the globally renowned universities.

Out of the 6 colleges applied to, he got confirmed admissions from 3 as follows:

NDNU, UMASS Boston, and Indiana Bloomington.

Yash is joining Indiana Bloomington, and we also had an opportunity to visit the college and attend an orientation in May. Earlier we had also visited NDNU.

So overall, it was a very successful endevour and a big thanks to the PRATHAM team, especially Saurabh Nanda.

~ Mrs. Meera P. Marla
(Mother : Yash Marla - The Mother's International School, Sri Aurobindo Marg ,New Delhi Commerce )


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