Why study in SINGAPORE?

There are many good reasons to be in Singapore to pursue your higher studies however, we may summarize it all with few major aspects such as:

World class education system

Singapore is placed third in the QS Best Student City Rankings 2013. This would not be possible without the internationally recognized local universities NUS and NTU–ranked 24th and 41st, respectively, in the QS World University Rankings 2013. By adopting western ideologies and methodologies, this system encourages independent learning amongst students; retaining its systematic yet flexible approach, seeking to develop and realize the potential of individuals. In addition to that, employment within the country is based on a meritocracy, ensuring fairness and equality to all prospective candidates.

Perfect blend of East and West

A hub of multi-cultural gathering; be it Chinese New Year, Dipavali or Christmas celebrations go off with equal enthusiasm. Food is another set-point with having local delicacies you may find a wide range to choose from – French, Chinese, Indian, Italian, and Swedish to what not! It is also one of the hosts of one of the most popular racing events across the globe, Formula 1; needless to explain what it is. Partying late night or just a simple walk on the streets to relax, it’s not only fun but safe too. You would surely enjoy your time out here.

Leading Business Hub of Asia:

As we discussed before too; Singapore is one of the smallest countries in the world, however its booming economy boasts the world’s highest per capita GDP, which is estimated to stay on top until 2050. Unemployment rate being at an average of 2%, Singapore is surely a hot spot for prospective candidates to pursue studies and seek an overwhelming career. Other than international business investments, countless prestigious international universities have also invested in Singapore, offering distance-learning programs in institutions like Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), Management Development of Singapore (MDIS), and many more like them.

Apart from, local universities like National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), and Singapore Management University (SMU) have internationalized Singapore’s education system and propelled it toward world-class standards.

Your Home away from home:

Around 5 hours journey from India, located nearby; Singapore is just like your home away from home. Mostly pleasant sunny weather and abundant rainfall all year; thanks to its warm and humid climate–something you don’t often find in Western countries. It’s safe for you; as stated – “Singapore recorded the lowest crime rate in 30 years. The support from the public in our crime fighting efforts, along with increased awareness and education of crime, has allowed us to reach this milestone achievement.” Assistant Commissioner of Police Ng Guat Ting said.

Quality Education at affordable cost

The cost of studying in Singapore, is reasonable compared to universities in the big three destinations (UK, USA and Australia). This is one of the factors that make Singapore an attractive destination for international students seeking quality education.

Opportunity to improve your linguistic skills:

There are 4 official languages recognized in Singapore: Chinese, Malay, Tamil and English. In addition to these, there are more than 20 other languages spoken in Singapore.

Popular Courses:

  • Engineering
  • Economics
  • Management
  • Hospitality
  • Aviation
  • Financial Engineering

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